We will visit the most interesting canyons, in the center and south of Albania.

This trip is an exclusive for a guided group.

Many good canyons, but also you will remember the greenery all over this country.


We will travel and visit these locations:

Region of Gramsh

Region of Berat (World Heritage)

Region of Tepelene - Kurvelesh plateau

Region of Permet


The average canyons are not too technical and difficult, some are quite long, but some days we will be able to do 2 canyons in a day.

Most are bolted already with high quality Stainless anchors in all the canyons we have explored by ourselves.


Albania has been under a Communist dictatorship until 1990, and completely closed to any contact without all other countries for 46 years in a row.

It is now a democratic country on its way to be incorporated in the EU.

The country is quickly developing and improving all aspects of civil life, tourism is growing more than 100% very year, faster than any others in the world.

You will find very hospital and friendly people, mostly living from agriculture and farming.

The language is Albanian, one of the oldest in Europe, many speak Italian and the new generations also English.


Outdoor sports are not developed yet, there is a few climbing, skiing, alpine mountaineering. Trails are marked more and more, and trekking groups from abroad are becoming frequent.



The rough price is around 1.100 €, all included, from Italy. Can change depending on flight fares.

Duration: 8 days - 7 nights.

Period: May or from mid-September.




TASSILI and TADRARTAlgerian Sahara


Desert and canyon explorations



I invite you to participate in this adventure in Tassil N'Ajjer and Tadrart around Djanet. I have already traveled 3 times and explored many canyons in this region, in 2009, 2010 and 2018. This trip will be first of all a human adventure with the help of our Touareg friends who will guide us through their fantastic and immense desert territory. They will let us participate in their nomadic life and discover the country in the truest way. This journey will give us intense and sincere human encounters, aesthetic moments and great joy. We will also have the opportunity to discover and explore new gorges. Our adventure begins in Djanet (1000 m altitude) which can be reached by plane. This city is located in the southeast of Algeria, 1500 km from the capital, and is the capital of the Touareg N'Ajjer.

Our targets are mainly located in the Tadrart and Tassili region.


To whom this program is addressed:

You don't have to be a champion but you have to be in good shape because you walk a lot some days, you have to be comfortable in canyoning, accept the outdoor camping life and be interested in living an adventure out of the ordinary in the desert with the Touareg. People who are interested can also participate only for the excursions without doing the canyons, they will largely follow the routes to the canyons in a phantasmagorical environment, a labyrinth of sandstone towers. All transfers and transport of the camp are on 4x4 trucks.


Indicative cost: € 1.750, from Italy.

Duration 10 days - 9 nights, more days on request.

Period : November - December.




Jordan and the Dead Sea



They are numerous, sometimes long, a whole series of canyons that from the mountains to

 the East of the Dead Sea descend to reach into this sea of salt water, something unique in the world.

It is mainly sandstone rock, but sometimes also basalt rock, to form these gorges, with the

presence of cold and hot springs.

The region between Karak and Madaba is the most interesting. A visit to Petra will be part of the trip.



Duration: 9 days- 8 nights

Period: September-October.





Reunion Island  -  The Dance of Flowers


Canyoning and tourism in one of the world's Canyoning paradises. Waterfalls up to 400 meters high, multi-day trips, tropical environment...

Overnight stays in hostels. Scheduled excursions: 6-7 days of Canyoning, level of difficulty to be decided together. Excursion to the Piton de la Fournaise (volcano), exploration of lava tunnels, fantastic! The cultivation and processing of Vanilla. Average temperature 22-28 degrees.


Duration: 9 days, minimum.

Ideal period: October-November.



Marocco - ANTI-ATLAS mountains


The fashion of Morocco is undeniable, mostly as a classic touristic destination. Here we are visiting a more special destination located in the Anti-Atlas mountains. Plenty of good canyons are waiting for us. We will have 2 regions to visit, one has canyons in granite rock, with water and any kind of fun like in the Alps, and lots of greenery. The second has canyons formed in Limestone rock in a more desert environment and the chance to visit some oasis.



Period: April - May or October.

Group size: 6-8 per guide.

Duration : 9 days




OMAN - The magic of Orient


In this little known small country we will live a unique experience. In its vast mountains are hidden some fantastic world class canyons. Some valley easily remember the Grand Canyon country. We will pass little lost villages built inside the canyons, and cross the falaj, the water channels unique artworks, that collect the water to the cultivations.

The water flow is usually small, but the water and rock colors are unique. Emerald pools surrounded by white wall of pure limestone.We will enjoy some warm and cold springs too and discover the local inhabitants and culture. Also a big caving traverse is in the program.


Period: the ideal period is November - December or early April.

Group size: 6-7 per guide.

Duration: 10 days - 9 nights





Utah and it’s sandstone slickrock is one unique landscape in the world. Like it’s canyons, there are endless possibilities, thousand of canyons, slot canyons, of any kind. Visiting this country requires more than one trip. The best tour is to start from Las Vegas and travel trough Zion National Park, Escalante, North Wash and Capitol Reef, Page and back. We will discover some of the best canyons of this country.


Ideal season: spring or fall.

Group: 6-8 persons.

Duration: 12 days.




Exclusive travel.

We will visit the region of Anatolia, where there is a series of new canyons explored by us.

Mainly we will be engaged in the region where the Euphrates flows between high canyons. A region fascinating for its ancient history.

We will also have the opportunity to visit prehistoric ruins in Malatya.

All canyons are formed in the limestone rock.

In all the routes that we will do there is abundant local fauna as evidence of the purity of the water: crabs and trout for example.



Group size 6-7 per guide.

Duration: 9 days - 8 nights.

Speaks: French, Italian, English

Contact: +393355470126




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